Six weeks with

Since September 2013, the ‘Amader Daktar’ team at mPower has been using the Human Centered Design toolkit by This year, between August and September, we worked closely with a team from to co-design the next round of iteration for the Amader Daktar model. Don’t know Amader Daktar or We’ll you should, and you can check out more about them here and here. In early August, Behrouz Hariri and Danny Alexander joined us… Inspiration day at San Francisco

The day started off early with some amazing blue bottle cappuccino with Rubayat Khan, Minnie Bredouw and Danny Alexander, before diving in to a wealth of experiential learning with some of the newest technology and health services in the city of San Francisco. The first stop was Studio Dental, a mobile dental service, set up in an independent trailer, targeting some of the busiest people in the world. Studio dental, started off by Dr. Sarah…

Training the future of rural healthcare

The 20th, 21st and 22nd of April was a great learning opportunity for 9 RMPs (Rural Medical practitioners) from Kendua, a sub-district in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh. For 3 days, these RMPs underwent an intensive training program, arranged by Amader Daktar (Bengali for ‘Our Doctor’). Amader Daktar is a concern of mPower Social Enterprises, under mPower labs. The vision of Amader Daktar is to create a self-sustaining model of healthcare delivery for rural Bangladesh….

Infolady: A Technology Twist to an Age-Old Model

During a trip to Gaibandha last week, the mPower team had an opportunity to meet three Infoladies at an event. While door-to-door service delivery is extensively used by governments and development organizations across the developing world, very few have been able to monetize the model. The only instances where a woman (why we say it is always women, please read previous blog post here) has been able to make a living off of selling goods…