We are building the team that can revolutionize healthcare for the 3 billion rural people of the world. If you think we are kidding ourselves, read the above quote again until you begin to think differently!


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If you dare to dream big and see yourself among other individuals who do, drop us a note at jointhedream@jeeon.co and let us invite you for a cup of coffee.

Even if the following positions don’t suit you or you cannot move immediately, don’t hesitate. We believe in people more than in roles, so if you are a fit, we will find the right role and time for you. Conversely, if you have the skills but are not the right fit for our culture, you will only be wasting your time and ours.

Each person has a different market rate even at the same position, based on their skills and caliber. We seek to keep people above industry average (in Bangladesh) for that person. Although we won’t pay as much as a Chevron or BAT, we feel the privilege and soulfulness of working for a mission-driven organization more than makes up for the difference.


We want people with the skills and an impressive list of failures (if that surprises you, read our values carefully here), both of which we believe are necessary to do the above. But that is not enough. We also want people with authenticity, courage and passion. People who can see through themselves and be themselves with others, those who try to find meaning in life bigger than themselves, those who can brave the high tides in search of the Promised Land.

All positions are based in Dhaka, but remote working (even internationally) is allowed for engineers.

Help us find the dream team

If you know someone else who might be a good fit, do let us know too. If they end up being selected and become permanent employees (after 3 months of joining), we will buy you a round-trip ticket from Bangladesh to Bhutan, the last Shangri-La of the world (or equivalent packages to wherever you wish). To get started, share this page on Facebook.


Rural Marketing

a.k.a. Storyteller

Who you are?

  • You have always cared about giving back to the community, and taken a deep interest in understanding the psyche of people who live away from the cities.
  • You are a storyteller (not an advertiser, and you understand the difference) through and through who always wants to spread the message of your organisation, and make your product or service desirable to the target audience.
  • You like ideating and executing campaigns and activities for market expansion and are comfortable maintaining visible pipeline of activity and implementation plans.

What you have been doing?

  • You have been working for at least  3-4 years  with a product or service company (NOT an advertising agency) where your focus has been in Below The Line activation.
  • You have designed product launches, marketing campaigns, and regular brand-building work outside the city, especially towards the 70% rural population of our country, and in the process have developed a keen and nuanced understanding of what it takes to cater to the underserved.
  • You believe in measurement, and have estimated the impact of your campaigns and tracked the ROI on your marketing investments.
  • You have worked closely with sales teams and with other dependencies, and appreciate the importance of your work to help others achieve their targets.

What your qualities are?

  • You always put your customer at the centre of your activities and do not lose focus of your target audience.
  • You’re a perfectionist and can motivate yourself and your team to be organised and focused on delivering your targets.
  • You like to think ahead, and not constrain yourself into any box – preferring to understand the overall strategy of the organization and how your work fits into and catalyzes it for success.

Head of Care (can be part time)

a.k.a. Munna bhai MBBS

Detailed JD available here

Preferred Start date: ASAP

Who you are? 

You have always been someone who wanted to give back to the people of Bangladesh. You have chosen healthcare as a means for service to the people. You wanted to be a force of change. And, till date in your various capacities you have tried to create processes that are people- and care-oriented. While you have always faced hurdles you never thought of giving up. You still believe that quality healthcare is the birthright of every Bangladeshi and that poor people shouldn’t have to spend their life savings due to an unexpected health emergency. You get up every morning with the conviction that you can be a part of the change that will bring smiles to scores of underserved Bangladeshis who suffer in the hands of an expensive, unreliable and exploitative healthcare system.

What you have been doing? 

You are an experienced doctor with 10+ years of clinical practice behind you. However, you have also managed pools of doctors or nurses, or a healthcare call-center. You have been serving in healthcare/public health, in Bangladesh or abroad, for several years and you have developed an insightful understanding of the failures and limitations of the infrastructure, especially when it comes to the underserved populace. You have also had experience managing/recruiting doctors, and/or developing protocols/checklists for quality care delivery.

What your qualities are? 

You always put the patient first. You can create processes and protocols that ensure a pool of doctors deliver the highest levels of care. Mediocrity doesn’t satisfy you, and you like to live by global best practices. You are a people’s person, can inspire and motivate others, love mentoring younger doctors, and have natural teambuilding and leadership skills. You have a very strong connection to doctors’ and nurses’ communities and associations and you can recruit the best talents for your team.

What you will be doing at Jeeon?

  • Ensure that we deliver the highest possible quality of healthcare to our clients, always.
  • Recruit and Manage doctor pool and roster, and engage medical community with seminars and events.
  • Ensure consistent implementation of protocols through capacity building and training of providers
  • Audit prescriptions and consultation and give feedback to doctors for improving their clinical practice and responsiveness
  • Track patient health outcomes and feedback to improve processes continuously.
  • Design behavior change and health education content
  • Evaluation of the above

Data Scientist

a.k.a. Data Geek

Preferred Start Date: ASAP

Who you are? 

You are a data geek through and through. You like keeping track of your steps and sleep and do analysis on it, and feel anxious when you can’t measure “abstract” things like love or peace. Life only makes sense to you when data backs it up. You could spend whole nights immersed in tables to find meaning from data. Recent advances in AI and Machine learning gives you virtual orgasms, but even more so because of the potential it has to help humanity. You believe in leaving no stones unturned. You think a good team is better than the sum of its parts, and love working with fellow geeks.

What you have been doing? 

You might be a data scientist at Google thinking of a sabbatical, a college senior contemplating a year abroad, or anybody else. You only need to be passionate about data. If you have experience analyzing health data or designing AI-based medical algorithms…wait, why are you still reading and not sending us an email already? 😉

What your skills are? 

Whether it is an excel sheet or a D3 data visualization or a deep learning algorithm, data is your playground. You are a magician with Javascript and NoSQL and at least one popular machine learning language (Python, R, Matlab, etc.). Big data experience would be a plus. You can think independently and come up with not just solutions to known problems, but also what questions to ask of data.

What you will be doing at Jeeon? 

  • You will take a fresh look at the data we collect from our patients and operations, and explore it to find new meaning and insights that our eyes have missed. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to:
    • Live, breathe, and sleep with (ahem!) data, and be an evangelist to convert even the most unreceptive person in Jeeon to be a data connoisseur
    • Understand, combine and analyze Jeeon’s fast increasing data streams in new and innovative ways, and glean insight from it that can help improve how we do things
    • Design dashboards and reports with the new dimensions of information that allow Jeeon operations to make better data-driven decisions
    • Identify new opportunities to collect data from operations, technology, or the service process itself which would add new dimensions and metrics to the analysis.
    • (optional) Manage integrations with and build AI-based algorithms that support doctors and other providers in making better decisions.

Software Engineer

a.k.a Code Ninja

Preferred Start Date: ASAP

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Remember the world before Google? Before Facebook? Stellar technology products have the capability of completely disrupting the status quo and redefining the norm. That’s what we’re building for rural healthcare, and we would like to invite you to join the dream team that’s going to do it!

We are looking for tech prodigies that want to put their time and talent into doing something truly revolutionary. You will be working in a small, high performance team, across web applications, mobile applications, Ux, data (big and small), gamification, predictive analytics, and much more.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rapidly build, test, and integrate various components of the technology platform – the backbone of our service – that will redefine healthcare in Bangladesh and beyond.

Who you are?

Someone who dreams in code, and is passionate about building an entire product suite. Our full stack is built using NodeJS and associated technology (Express, Ionic, Cordova, and Angular), and we are looking for people with passion and expertise.

Most importantly though, we need you to be open, exploratory, and adaptive to new technologies, disruptive ideas, and pushing boundaries. Your salary shall range between Tk 50,000 to Tk 1,50,000, based on experience and skills, and is negotiable.

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Preferred Start Date: ASAP

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Jeeon’s purpose is to Make Well-being Universal.

We are trying to bridge the healthcare divide for 100 million underserved rural people in Bangladesh, partnering with bright and compassionate young doctors, using cutting-edge technologies. Jeeon is creating a unique last-mile franchise infrastructure manned by existing rural pharmacists, who are trained and equipped by us, so that they can function as an intermediary between doctors and rural patients.

Who you are?

There are several opportunities to explore within Jeeon amongst the various teams functioning towards upholding  and delivering on our value of “Putting Patients First”. Whether you are from the field of computer engineering, or love to immerse yourself in data and research of quantitative or qualitative nature or are an out and out numbers guy crunching away on your number pad, there is always a place for you to make a meaningful contribution in Jeeon. Being an organization racing towards rapid expansion there are several interesting projects in the pipeline that just might be the right fit for you!

What your skills are?

We are looking to work with interns who will be..

  • a current graduate or undergraduate student seeking to obtain experience in a young and growing company
  • a person who can grasp concepts quickly and is enthusiast about trying out different ways of doing things. At Jeeon as much as we love celebrating successes we equally indulge in celebrating our failures.
  • passionate and driven towards being part of a tide to make a difference in the lives of the under-served.
  • organized and timely. We don’t believe in a strict 9-5 regime and thus offer the flexibility to utilise your hours as you like. However, we do expect you to be reliable and dependent to complete your responsibilities on time.
  • proficient in using office related tools.

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