Training the future of rural healthcare

The 20th, 21st and 22nd of April was a great learning opportunity for 9 RMPs (Rural Medical practitioners) from Kendua, a sub-district in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh. For 3 days, these RMPs underwent an intensive training program, arranged by Amader Daktar (Bengali for ‘Our Doctor’). Amader Daktar is a concern of mPower Social Enterprises, under mPower labs. The vision of Amader Daktar is to create a self-sustaining model of healthcare delivery for rural Bangladesh….

Rural Medical Practitioners: The first line of defense in rural healthcare (Part 2)

After informally interviewing about a dozen RMPs, the one question that kept nagging us was the quality of the treatment provided by rural Bangladesh’s most frequently consulted health practitioners. As we mentioned in our previous post on rural health practitioners, as of 2011, there were 130,000 RMPs operating in rural Bangladesh. So we thought that it was time to look into the training institutions that bestowed the RMP certifications. Within Gaibandha, we came across 5…